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WELCOME, TAMRON HALL VIEWERS! It's love & Relationship week!

Who’s ready to manifest the yummy LOVE you deserve and improve the health of relationships in every area of your life?

Be my special guest for Heart of the Matter Conversations for Singles (Dec. 4th) and Couples (Dec. 5th). Use coupon code TAMRON and save 15%!



Learn how to keep a diamond on it.

Learn how to put a diamond on it.

Learn how to get a diamond on it.

Tired of Bad Relationships?
It doesn’t have to be that way!

Dr. Nicole helps you create and keep the love you want by getting to the heart of the matter.  You can have your happily ever after!

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Save Heartache and Take Back Control of Your Relationships

I See You,
I Hear You,
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Ask Dr. Nicole:
“How Can I Have Healthy Disagreements?”

Meet My Wonder Twin, Crystal Khalil!

Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil

we are sister diamonds

In 2020, during one of the most tumultuous times our world has ever seen, my wonder twin Crystal Khalil and I decided to join our commitment to collectivism and illumination to change the lives of black women. 

Together, we created a brand that empowers others through love, light, and transformative leadership experiences… We created Sister Diamonds, LLC!

Our mission is to cultivate sister diamonds around the world. It’s been proven – only a diamond can cut another diamond. Cultivation is what we do!

Dr Nicole How It Works
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How It Works: Baby Steps to do business with me

You don’t have to navigate through life by yourself or lonely together.

Break the cycle that’s been systematically designed to break the black family. Black women were the only group that had a higher divorce rate than marriage rate, with nearly 31 divorces per 1,000 married women aged 15 and older and only 17.3 marriages per 1,000 unmarried women*.  These statistics are by design.  In fact, a strong black family has long been a threat to society. Every system does exactly what it is designed to do. 

Dr. Nicole LaBeach gets straight to the heart of the matter and equips lovers to change this narrative. Strengthening the black family strengthens the entire black community. Give love a chance!

Let Dr. Nicole Show You How To...