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I am President & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc. a premiere Organizational Development (OD) firm specializing in: Change Management Consulting, Executive Coaching, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and Training. As leader of this certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Women Small Owned Business (WOSB), and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), its multi-city presence serves leaders, executives, and teams in Fortune 500 companies, and high growth small/mid-sized companies.

As an organizational psychologist, I pride myself on being a Results Maven with over 15 years of proven experience in: OD, leader & organizational assessment, executive coaching, diversity & inclusion, performance & process improvement, growth and change management. My expansive background includes optimizing large-scale change efforts, cultivating leadership strengths and base lining critical weaknesses, championing sustainable diversity and inclusion solutions, and leveraging business growth strategy.

I possess a unique ability to help clients acknowledge critical gaps and implement evidence-based intervention result in improved: processes, systems, and operations; leadership effectiveness; team synergy and performance; diversity and inclusion results; business outcomes; organizational effectiveness; and execution of major change initiatives. Through my expertise, organizational leaders and businesses have a significant opportunity to successfully achieve their goals and drive value-generating growth.

President & CEO

Dr. Nicole is President & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc., a premier Organizational Development (OD) firm specializing in the areas of Coaching, Training, Change Management, and Diversity & Inclusion.  

Results Maven

Known as a change agent and strategist for many leaders, couples, and families.  Dr. Nicole champions the goals of her clients and seeks to maximize, cultivate, and promote strategic results and change throughout their personal and professional lives. 

Transformational Speaker & Host

A published author and contributor for numerous publications, Dr. Nicole is a sought-after host, moderator, and speaker who challenges the “status quo” and engages the promise, potential, and power of her audience.  Dr. Nicole’s impact as a leader propels listeners to action and positions them to lead, serve, and get behind the driver’s seat of their lives and business. 

Master Coach

A champion for those seeking to own their power and maximize their potential.  Dr. Nicole is a strategic partner to an expansive client list of leaders, couples, families, celebrities, pastors, and athletes who trust her guidance and ability to help them live at their highest level. 


It is difficult to encapsulate the magnitude of my coaching relationship with Dr. Nicole over the last year. I enthusiastically entered the process but lacked clarity of vision and was filled with paralyzing doubt. But the galvanizing force that is Dr. Nicole created a system of accountability coupled with strategic steps to transform my dreams into actualities.
I went from stagnant to unstoppable. She poured into me; nurtured my faith;  encouraged me; and, dared me to see beyond my (sometimes) negative mindset. Because of Dr. Nicole, the Dr. Leesha brand has come into fruition, and I am excited to see the direction my brand takes in the months and years to come.
Dr. Leesha Ellis

Dr. Nicole has been instrumental in how I position myself to win in life and business.Dr. Nicole help me get clear on what I wanted to do structuring my vision, life goals and processes in a way I never had thought of. She helped me focus on what matters and helped me focus on becoming clear and helped provide a clear path on how to get there.
Myisha T.

Life and Business Strategist

Nicole is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She supports a person with compassion and her insights. She is an excellent executive coach. I strongly recommend her.

Robin Kelly

Senior Human Capitol Consultant, Transformational Strategies


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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Over 12 years ago I created what has now become a premier coaching and organization development firm. Our mission to help people use action, advocacy, and accountability to achieve their goals and yield meaningful results is a simple truth. Over the years, our clients have come from all walks of life, accomplished above and beyond their expectations, and received great returns on their coaching and organizational investments. Together, our success has extended from enhanced leadership and significant business results to reconciled relationships and realized life dreams. 

Our full-service offerings are confidential and encompass life, relationship, executive coaching and organizational development:

  • Relationship Coaching 
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching 
  • Organizational Development

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