By Julie Washington

Every New Year I find myself saying, ”This is my year.” My New Year’s mantra for 2013 is “Motivated to make progress in all areas of my life.” I feel my efforts are being bolstered by my expectations. This year I plan to focus on goal-oriented tasks at home and in my workplace. This year, I will keep in mind the success I want to achieve. Since I’m usually more focused on the future than the present, my goal is to maintain an optimistic outlook, even if my plans appear go awry. In 2013, I will use my mantra as a useful tools to keep me encouraged especially during the trying times.

When we muse upon hopes of the future, we kindle the flame of optimism within ourselves. The joyous expectations we nurture within ourselves become the seeds in which our dreams manifest. Establishing refined goals and setting clear intentions provide the inspiration and motivation to labor and eventually enjoy our achievements. When we envision the future with optimism in our hearts, we’re more eager to do what it takes to make our dreams a reality. So, what will be your goal this year? What Mantra will you use to make sure you don’t turn back but instead, press forward. Today is your day, declare it! And do it!

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