By Marc Little, The Prodigal Republican

I once found myself in a personal crisis.  It was one of those situations in which I exhausted all of my human resources, but nothing changed. After realizing there was nothing left for me to do, I was forced to give it all to God. I was amazed to see him work once I got out of the way. He performed miracles I could not have even thought to ask him to perform.

I often refer to this crisis as my divine “letting go” moment. It was magical. A bit of a sacrilegious term, I know, but you get the point. Letting go was a fantastic moment I began to trust and surrender. It was a relief many don’t get the chance to experience without that critical turning point, a miraculous transformation. 

Joy is a bit like that – supernatural, life changing and phenomenal.

Joy is a condition, a perpetual state of mind. I wouldn’t call it a fleeting emotion. I believe we grow into having joy as a result of our appreciation for and experience with sorrow.

In 1987, a Los Angeles gang member held me at gunpoint. The encounter nearly killed me. For some reason, I was kept alive, but with the loss of my entire right leg. That is when sorrow walked into my life.

I survived after four months of critical care and rehabilitation. I learned to walk again, but with a prosthesis. After a long period of hospitalization, I could not wait to re-enter normality. I checked myself out of rehab, began working two jobs, applied to law schools, got married, and carried on with my life. I looked sorrow in the face and decided I didn’t like it so much. So I shed the cloak of depression and redressed myself with joy.

Joy means abiding in that magical place, knowing what a blessing it is truly to simply be alive! Once you’ve met death, it’s easier to embrace joy.  So, take my word for it, today is not promised, dwell in a place of joy today.

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