One evening while heavy with the challenges in my own life, I was struck by a news report that changed my understanding of the human will and God’s use of the broken pieces. Forced to take a moment, I watched the conclusion of the 2003 Los Angeles Marathon and was introduced to Bob Wieland. After 173 hours and 45 minutes (over seven days), there he stood, the man who ran the entire marathon on his hands because he had no legs. In awe, I watched the Vietnam amputee carry his body weight one hand in front of the other to cross the finish line of victory.

In that moment, I was totally overcome by emotion. I couldn’t stop crying then I couldn’t stop praising. I could no longer deny, I was there, I had reached that critical fork in the road and God was inviting me to travel to new heights. In tears, I struggled as doubt, fear, and apprehension confronted me. I could feel my brokenness, but, I knew God wanted to use me. I could hear him calling though my will had refused his travel plans so often. Well, not this time. This time, I would Go. Go wherever HE would take me. Go as a Conqueror. Go as a Champion. Choose to Go!

No matter your onlookers, past, or brokenness, today is your day. It’s time to submit to the journey and watch as God carries you through the finish line. Can you imagine how many people said Bob shouldn’t enter and wouldn’t finish the race, but he did because in his words “It’s part of my belief system and God saying I’m more than a conqueror”. So, why not Go? I believe 2012 is your year to make it happen. Your greatness awaits your flight – soaring like an eagle while you embrace the power of the SUN!




Written By: Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Success Strategist & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc.

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