By Denitra Day

As we approach the New Year, we all set new goals and resolutions, drop old habits and pick up new ones. We all want to do big things, find love, change jobs, mend relationships, and the like. But, why do we wait for the New Year to make those well deserved changes? Is it that the year’s end pushes us to be fed up with life’s circumstances and experiences?

Whatever the motivation, we should always allow ourselves to be true to what life is calling us to do. Mostly, we must be true to ourselves. I believe if we follow our honest passions, life would be much more gratifying and less stressful. Doing so seems to allow our dreams and ideas to emerge and explode like fireworks. Being and accepting who we are is the key needed to open many doors in many of our lives.

As I go into 2013, I’m taking my dreams and loving myself more seriously. I’m committed to surrounding myself with people who are spiritually wealthy and exude positive energy. Along with that, I’m determined to focus on nurturing my faith, my health, and committing to giving my time as a volunteer.

I plan to smile more and remember my blessings at all times. Often we want our position in life to be more advanced, however learning to be content in the present can be just as rewarding. In 2013, I plan to be intentional about living in the moment. This year will be dedicated to fully being the best person I truly am, as I continually keep in mind the legacy I will leave behind.

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