by  Sri Chinmoy

Learn the art of forgiving,
And apply it to yourself first.
Then it becomes easy
To forgive others.

You will have happiness.
You will have satisfaction.
Forgive and forget,
You will have everlasting peace
Within and without.

To err is human.
But be careful,
Do not over do it.
If to forgive is divine,
Then rest assured,
You can never over do it.

On earth, forgiveness is a sweet experience, a necessary realisation.
Forgiveness is the expansion of one’s reality-light and divinity-height.

Forgive the world. The world will sit at your compassion-feet.
Forgive yourself. God will be dancing inside your meditation-heart.

His are the lips that do the best preaching.
His is the life that does the worst deceiving.
His is the body that does the longest sleeping.
His is the vital that does the wildest ridiculing.
His is the mind that does the meanest snobbing.
His is the heart that does the filthiest defiling.
His is the realisation that sempiternally shines

Man’s hopeless inconscience
God’s endless forgiveness.

God’s Forgiveness
Does not mind
When we blame God
For our mistakes.

But God’s Forgiveness
Does mind
When we blame
Other human beings
For our mistakes.

Poems by Sri Chinmoy

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