By Gladys Quin

It’s that time of year again when every social media outlet is preaching the importance of the proverbial New Year’s Resolution. Together their successful at one thing, giving the false impression that change must start on January 1st in order for each of us to have a better year. However, I question the importance society has placed on January 1st. Think about it, how is it that the roll of a new year single handedly has the power to push ”starting over” in full effect? Further more, what makes that day different from the following Friday? Nothing.

In order for real change to occur, it has to be viewed as a daily journey, a progressive journey that is dictated and decided by the person along for the ride. Change is not a one shot deal and it doesn’t come on one day of the year. For example, my goal everyday for the past two years has been the same: Challenge myself to be the best me I can be and encourage myself to make a meaningful impact everyday of my life. And you guessed it, I didn’t decide to make this my goal on January 1st. Rather, it was a decision I made on my own terms and timetable. Every day has been a slow progression with ups and downs. But the key is, I didn’t quit. In fact, I’m still on the path.

So the question is, have New Year’s resolutions become a sorry excuse for people to have a short term commitment that end in quitting and yielding to old habits? Well, maybe it’s time to for everyone to pick his or her own day. When each of us is ready, truly ready to succeed at our goals, the day will be less than significant. Instead, it’s the decision that will make all the difference.

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