By Gladys Quin

Life is filled with trials and tribulations that bring about several different types of emotions. During these trials, we may experience depression, unhappiness, or sorrow. But in the end, once we give it all to God, these trials can foster excitement, happiness, and joy.

It’s during those dark periods in our lives that we get a little lost. We tend to get caught up in negativity and allow it to steal our victory. The cloud of misery distorts our judgment and it becomes difficult to see that joy is waiting for us just around the corner.  

For me, joy and sorrow go hand in hand. When my grandmother was called home after losing the battle against cancer, I was consumed with sadness. Sorrow and I became the best of friends. Even in the midst of all of my grief, joy was right there beside me, consoling me, bringing me out of the darkness.

I believe that God allows us to go through difficult situations so at the end of the day, he gets the victory. He revives our joy as he brings us through the tough moments. And at times, we may need to go through something in order to truly appreciate the gifts joy brings.

I may not have my grandmother, but her legacy still lives as I pass on to my children, the lessons of joy she taught.
I often remember a quote from Kahlil Gibran: ” Joy and sorrow are inseparable… together they come and when one sits alone with you… remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.”

Remember, when darkness fills your life and it seems it has no end, joy is right there, waiting for you.

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