By Julie Evonne Washington

Yes, another year has come and gone! Some of us may look upon our life with a grateful sigh of relief now that the holidays are here and New Year is almost upon us. The blessings we’ve received may stand out and the context of what others around the world have faced may be a bit clearer. Together, they foster gratitude and motivate us to use our resources to improve the lives of others during the holiday season. My hope is that the revelation forces us to all take action. Maybe it will compel us to give a financial gift to a charitable organization help a loved one fulfill a dream, or perform a simple act of kindness. Today and everyday is a good day to perform a private ritual, thanking God and the universe for all of its gifts.

The gratitude felt when you consider how many blessings the universe has bestowed upon you can only serve to help you understand the journey. At times, the comparison between yourself and those more fortunate, may provoke shallow feelings of deprivation. However, when you think rationally about your resources, skills, family, friends, community, and the love that embraces you, is the amount of beauty and support in your life becomes more apparent. It’s up to you to not yield to the temptation of comparing yourself to others. When we’re thankful for all we have, we’re better equipped to see the value within the blessings we’ve received. When you consider how much good there is in your life today, you can’t help but feel grateful for all you’ve been given.

Happy Holidays! 2013 promises to bring you abundant blessings like you’ve never seen.


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