What People are Saying

“Dr. LaBeach has produced a unique synthesis of her professional, personal and spiritual journey into a practical and powerful prescription for purpose and successful living. Her insight is sensitive, her exhortations are challenging and her instructions are life-changing.

Dr. LaBeach meets women at the crossroad of their yesterday and tomorrow and challenges women to focus today on a positive, purposeful future that acknowledges the realities of flaws and failures, but places a “no-turn” sign on the option of revisiting the prisons of the past.

Dr. LaBeach has insight and instruction that can resurrect dead dreams, inspire clear vision and may even save lives!”

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, D.Min., Ph.D.
World Renowned Religious Leader and Senior Pastor Teacher

“Words can’t describe the impact that Dr. Nicole LaBeach has made in my clients’ lives. She is a miracle worker! I’ve never met anyone that is more passionate about the potential of the human spirit than her. Her commitment to excellence is beyond rare. I find her compassion, nobility, passion and integrity extremely refreshing. She is simply the best in her field, and I am grateful to have her on speed dial. For almost 7 years now, she has been a pillar for my clients.”

Lameck Humble Lukanga,MBA,CFP® Founder
Life Line Financial Group

“There is such heavy responsibility on leaders because leadership requires everything! This is one of the biggest reasons why I am so thankful for Dr. Nicole LaBeach. Her love and gift is to come alongside leaders to equip and encourage them for where they are and where they are going. She has a unique gift to help people excel and get behind the drivers seat of their lives, relationships, and businesses. Her wisdom is invaluable, her heart is pure and she is needed for this time!”

Van Moody
Author of The Bestselling Book: The People Factor
Pastor of The Worship Center Christian Church
Birmingham, AL

“When I dared to step out of my norm and start my beauty business Dr. Labeach stepped in and became an ear, a guide and voice to point me and the team into the right direction.  She recognized our strengths and through her coaching she provided us with a business model that helped to maximize our earning power and our place in the market.  One of the most profound impacts she has had on me is in the way she was able to integrate the power of spiritual, passion and business–this has proven to be an invaluable recipe for success.”

Tasha Turner
Co-Founder “Beauty Beat Box” and Former Beauty Editor “Essence Magazine”

“As a television producer, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing Dr. Nicole in on several of the television shows on which I’ve worked. Her presence with her clients is both comforting and accessible; results-driven, yet gentle. I’ve personally watched Dr. Nicole guide a family through a breakthrough with poise, grace and dedication with an emphasis on future success. Dr. Nicole is my “go to” expert who can deliver information on a plethora of topics. She has proven her power in terms of helping people to excel and get behind the driver’s seat in all facets of their lives.”

Karen Peterkin
Television Producer

“Dr. LaBeach handles seemly stressful points in one’s journey with decisive strength, hope, balance, truth and grace. You cannot help but get sharpened in your decision making skills and achievement of success at a very high level. She is a phenomenal coach and working with her provides the impression that you have worked at “this” level before which is priceless when you’re in leadership.”

Sumby Kuti
Co-Chief Executive Officer Entertainment

“Soon after meeting Dr. Nicole, I recognized her intuitive spirit, her deep love for people and her passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Over the years, I have not only referred her to my colleagues, but she has also served as my business coach, demonstrating an enviable ability to be sympathetic, empathetic, yet truthful, forceful and very effective. She is an exceptionally good listener; you will discover that Dr. Nicole is masterful at brining life to your story with practical illustrations that force you to step outside of your comfort zone and see the world through different lenses. These attributes make her an outstanding business and personal coach.”

Etheline Desir
President, The Desir Group

“In my position, I am faced with challenging situations and circumstances regarding corporate culture, financial stability, and operational efficiencies. The positive and interactive conversations held with Dr. Nicole allowed me to gain different insight that resulted in my ability to make better decisions for the organization. Thanks!”

Suzanne B. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

“Two years ago when I was prepping a television series for production and eventual broadcast, my team and I began an extensive search for a credible professional who was capable of helping a star/celebrity couple work through some professional and personal hurdles. The job required a unique expertise in not only strategizing their success, but also supporting them through their personal differences as a married couple. Simply said, I picked up the phone and spoke with Dr. LaBeach to get her take—trusting her, her experience, and her discretion. She remains at the top of my incredibly short list of professionals whom I can always count on for wise counsel and crisis management, if you will. She is simply the best.”

Michele Barnwell
TV Executive Producer/Showrunner