Something to think about, I read that the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta” had over 3 million viewers last season. Even though we call it entertainment, our viewership endorses on some level that we buy into it as a form of reality. Why? Because images count and watching uses up one of life’s greatest commodities-Time. Once you watch for an hour, you can’t get that hour back. As you connect with the names of the characters and you’re able to discuss the story lines with your friends, it implies a level of acceptance and importance. It’s not reality, but it is skewing what is real in the minds of many.  So is watching an episode, denouncing the content, then moving onto another episode the best proposition and use of your time? Without viewers these kinds of reality shows don’t make great ratings; without great ratings, they don’t make dollars; without dollars, they don’t have a global presence in the homes of 16 year olds from Brooklyn to Pakistan.

So what’s your best proposition as an empowered viewer? How do you make your voice and presence count on the issue of Black Women and Reality TV? Are you a living and breathing positive example of how a young lady should carry herself? Are you an example of how to treat other women in moments of conflict? Does your life show a better perspective than that seen on television? It’s your choice to either be a part of the solution or a passive part of the problem. It’s your choice, so dare to make it a good one…


Written By: Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Success Strategist & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc.

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