By Marc T. Little, The Prodigal Republican

Generation Y-ers or Millennials are those born between 1977 and 1994. Often, they are referred to as the “selfish generation” and they make up approximately 25 percent of the U.S. population. Some would even say their selfishness pervades society, though like it or not they are the next generation of influencers and leaders.

Stanton Smith, author of “Decoding Generational Differences,” says with high expectation of others, “their attitudes can be characterized by a decrease in career ambition and more focus on personal pursuits.” Generation-Y kids seem to live their lives with one question in mind: “How can others serve me?”

I believe our society is overrun by a similar selfish mindset, but we can build a better future by transforming our focus.

The New Year is here and many of us have made selfish resolutions to lose weight, walk more, go to the gym more, and eat less. Many of us will get off to a great start, but somewhere around February or so, some of us will forgot our new goals and attempt to recycle them for the following year.

Staying the course can be challenging for some of us, not because we aren’t determined or adequate, but because many of our goals are self-centered.

While being better, healthy, and honoring our bodies is a virtue, goals should be well rounded and embracing of others. If the philosophy in our society becomes, “It’s not about me. It’s about you,” then our New Year’s Resolutions may sound more like “How can I serve a cause greater than myself this year.”

I believe serving others is a recipe for personal happiness and a healthier community. The rewards will be so great that keeping your commitment each year will become exciting and a pleasure to pursue.

Join me in making commitments to serve others in 2013.

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