By Denitra Day

Love is an experience, a journey and a lesson many of us are still attempting to understand. It has it’s various forms and shows up in several different ways. Depending on our encounters with others, we form our own ideas about what it means to love and what it should look like.

When I asked my peers what love means to them, I received various definitions. One stated that, love is compromising, making sacrifices, forgiving, respecting, understanding, caring, being peaceful from within, unconditional, trustful, and honest.

Love manifests itself in various ways, in various types of relationships like between father and son, mother and daughter, between sisters and brothers.  Our first lessons in love come from the home, and I believe it starts between with the mother and her child.

I am a mother and a mother’s love is sacred with her child. A mother’s love is so profound and deserving of every child born on this earth. It’s an encounter that everyone should receive at birth and it should endure a lifetime. A mother’s love is protection and devotion. It’s helping a child navigate though life, being the point on her child’s compass. Nurturing and instilling the foundation of love within children from the beginning establishes an understanding of what it means to be love and give love.

A mother’s love is like an enduring flame or like the magical charm of Christmas, igniting a smile with every hug, touch, meal, or slice of wisdom.


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