A woman goes through several monumental moments in her life that formulate everlasting memories. Starting at a young age, she will begin to experience something she cannot explain, a feeling that cannot be compared to another, a feeling that will be repeated for many years to come. That feeling is love, but to that young girl, it’s “puppy love.”

As the young lady begins to progress in life, she will inevitably experience the trials and triumphs that come with love. Following her first crush in the sandbox and the “check yes if you like me” notes, will trail the heartbreak of separating with that initial crush. In her teenage years, that love for the opposite sex will grow stronger leading a woman to begin to make decisions based on her love interest. Before she knows it, that woman will go through life as a long term girlfriend, fiancé and ultimately wife.

With so many important moments in a female’s life being based around her love life, it seems necessary to have guidance from a positive role model. Yes, mothers nurture their daughters and teach them to avoid making the same mistakes they made when they were “young and dumb,” but these life lessons cannot compare to those of a man, her father. Having a father figure to not only tell, but show these women what they deserve is a must. Positive guidance from a father allows that woman to know how she should be treated at all times. This is not to teach the woman that love is not without flaw, but to demonstrate to her that love should never be depreciating, demeaning and/ or belittling.

By a woman having a father in her life she is able to successfully make the transition in her existence from a girl to a lady. In addition, a father’s love will show that woman what to expect during that transition and what to allow and what not to allow from her significant other. With a father’s love, a woman can be taught that she is a queen who should always be treated as such and nothing less.

– Sierra Stokes


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