As we celebrated the holiday season, we all had so much to be grateful for. Friend and family gatherings, office parties, charitable causes, and tables full of treats. It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year. However, should something new be added to your list every year? Did you gift anything special to your relationship last year? Though few things are more important than solid relationships, I’ve noticed romantic unions rarely makes the list. Well, here’s your chance to change that. Why not mention the idea to your honey and get their thoughts on what might help refresh, restore, or add a little spice to your relational mix this year? And, the best part, there’s no wrapping paper required.

For starters, what does your relationship need? Maybe it’s the gift of dating. Yes, dating. It’s time to choose a monthly date night, lock in your schedules, and take turns choosing the venue and entertainment. And, how about registering for a retreat, marriage, or relationship workshop you can both enjoy? Have you ever thought of doing a community service project to promote a greater sense of gratitude for the blessings you have and are to each other? What about joining a discipleship or fellowship group to bond with other couples? And one of my personal favorites, a quarterly rendezvous to change the scenery for an evening or a weekend. For those of you who love to keep it simple, what about taking 20 minutes at a specified time each day to get some exercise or take a prayer break together. Get the picture? I feel your creative vibe gaining momentum already. So, what will you gift your relationship this year? Talk it over, make your decision, and watch how this gift just keeps on giving. Indeed, this is sure to make 2012 a year to remember for both you and your honey.


Written By: Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Success Strategist & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc.

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