I was recently talking with a friend about the challenges of parenting. As a new father reaching the first year mark in the birth of his baby girl, he was still hilariously overwhelmed. Balancing the responsibilities of taking care of hiswife, his career success, and his new child, he confided in me the magnitude of stress he was experiencing on a daily basis. Quietly in the background of our conversation was the whisper of his daughter giggling and talking silently in words he could not yet understand. Underneath the tone of confusion was shear wonder at the little person he had helped to create. As I encouraged my long time friend on already succeeding in life by having a successful career and a healthy and nurturing family, I was given such hope for our future generation of fathers.

More often than not young men are choosing to step away from the responsibilities of taking care of their children. As a result there are more and more people who go into the world without an essential life experience that ultimately affects who they are and who they become. I do not seek to judge those who chose to remain absent in their child’s lives, for that doesn’t keep with the celebration of this upcoming holiday. Instead, I believe that we should further emphasize the value and worth of those Fathers who step up, who Father up, andwho take on one of the biggest roles of their lives.

I am eternally grateful for the Father’s like my friend, who even in their child’s infancy, go above and beyond to provide for them. I appreciate the Father’s that think beyond their needs and more toward the development of theirchildren. I am thankful for the Father’s who uplift and support their children. Fathers, Husbands, you are appreciated for your sacrifices and your prayers,for your strength and your security, and for the love that continues to speak peace into our hearts simply by your presence.

Thank You.

– Briana Haymon

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